How To Sight In Your Scoped Rifle With The Absolute Zero™

• Attach the included Axeon Optics laser reflective chart vertically to a large paper target
• Set the paper target out at 25 yards
• Attach the Absolute Zero™ on the side of your rifle scope and turn it on. It emits two lasers vertically aligned.
• Using a shooting bench, set your rifle on shooting bags or place in a rifle vice (use of a rifle vice or sled type rest is ideal, but not necessary)
• Point your rifle at your target
• Look through your scope and position the two laser dots on the reflective chart. (rest your cheek against your rifle's stock as you normally would)
• Note which two reflective squares on the chart the lasers are inside of.
• While holding the lasers on the two squares you noted, fire a shot at the target (shot #1).
• While holding the two laser dots back on the same squares you originally noted, and your cheek in the same place, move the crosshair to the bullet hole.
• In just 1-shot your scope is now sighted to where the bore of your gun shoots at 25 yards
• Fire a second shot at the bullseye for re-assurance if you wish
• With a large target set at 100 yards fire a round (shot #2). Your bullet should land within 3 to 4 inches high of your aim point depending on your bullet trajectory. (This is due to your bullet's ballistic trajectory or what many refer to as "bullet rise")
• If you wish to be closer to your aim point, do fine adjustment of your scope by determining the MOA and the number of click adjustments required to move your point of impact to your aim point.
• Fire a confirming shot (shot #3).
• Difficulty in zeroing may indicate faulty user technique.
Consult the ballistic data provided by your ammunition's manufacturer to know your bullet's expected point of impact over aim point at 100 yards.

See the visual reference instructions here.
**These methods, claims and statements are based on the ideas, research and development of Jack Hancosky and the Hancosky Method.

For detailed instructions, safety, cautions and warnings, read the operation manual that comes with the Absolute Zero™.
Scope Adjustment Explained