Scopes that Work Like Rented Mules

Axeon Optics Hunter Series rifle scopes are engineered to work like a rented mule. They come in three very lightweight variations, 2-7x32, 3-9x40 and 4-12x40. These scopes feature low-profile adjustment knobs that don’t require a tool to adjust. They are clear, light, tough, and very easy to adjust as a result of the aggressive (but not overly so) texturing on the turret covers, knobs and the ocular end of the scopes. They're infused with modern optic technology that makes them fog free, water tight and durable. Axeon scopes offer you great value for the money, (MSRPs range from $99.99 to $129.99 for the 1-inch tube hunter series scopes), plus they give you the reassurance of a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Fog Proof!
  • Fully Multicoated
  • FOV in Degrees High: 2.7° - 14.2FT
  • FOV in Degrees Low: 9.5° - 50.2FT


  • Fog Proof!
  • Fully Multicoated
  • FOV in Degrees High: 2.1° - 11.1FT
  • FOV in Degrees Low: 6.3° - 33.3FT

Project Rented Mule, Ridden Hard and Put Up Frozen

I am hard on stuff. If it can be broken, I’ll find a way. This is not on purpose, but just how I am. I suppose I’ve spoiled myself with premium gear in the past for this reason. I need tough stuff that will last when the going gets rough. When I was introduced to the Axeon Optics line of scopes, this was certainly on my mind. Our product development team assured me that they had come up with a tough scope that delivered on features, price, and performance. Can a scope with an MSRP less than a new rifle possibly be any good? Half the price? No way. So when a diminutive Axeon Optics 2-7X32 scope landed on my desk one day, the wheels started turning. Were the product guys right? Does this scope live up to their hype? Alright then. I set out to see if I could accelerate the wear and tear a bit. I wanted to push it harder than the average user would in a year, five years, a decade even. [Read More...]


  • Fog Proof!
  • Fully Multicoated
  • FOV in Degrees High: 1.58° - 8.3FT
  • FOV in Degrees Low: 4.75° - 25FT