Rifle Scopes

Low-light performance, durability, and dependability are all on the line when you’re ready to pull the trigger. Axeon® Optics Rifle Scopes combine the technologies required to identify and dispatch your target’s kill zone with the usable features found in many high-end optics. Our super lightweight hunting series scopes give you optical performance at an affordable price. #ProjectRentedMule proved it. After being frozen in ice, ran over with a motorbike, submerged in water, thrown like a football, and frozen to the hood of a moving truck it still held zero. As if clearly working like a rented mule wasn't enough, Axeon scopes give you a generous eye relief, fog proof lenses, a waterproof and dust-free assembly, and a lifetime warranty to back it all up. For hunter or competitor, when technology meets affordability, you’re clearly on target with Axeon® Rifle Scopes.

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Hunting Series

Select a Model Reticle Eye Relief Shockproof Waterproof Warranty Available
2-7x32 Plex 3.75"-4" 1200G Limited Lifetime Yes
3-9x40 Plex 3.75"-4" 1200G Limited Lifetime Yes
4-12x40 Plex 3.75"-4" 1200G Limited Lifetime Yes